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Over fifty years of excellence

In soap, glycerine and detergent plants


We sell solutions, not simply PLANTS

What we SUPPLY



Binacchi has been manufacturing continuous saponification plants for more than 40 years. Discover the traditional CSWE plant, the patented MPSD plant - SWING process without glycerine recovery or using Distilled Fatty Acids.



Recovery plants either for concentrated glycerine 80-88% or distilled pharma grade 99.9%.
Our equipment can process any feedstocks from soap spent lyes,fatty acids sweet waters or biodiesel crude glycerine.



A complete range of plants for detergent powders, liquid detergents and sulphonations including also packaging sections like sachet fillers and bottling lines (filling, capping, labelling).



All the most important innovations in soap finishing lines in the past fourty years  have been introduced by Binacchi. All our lines  are made in Italy and designed according to the latest energy savings concepts.



Binacchi is the only soap machines constructor in the world manufacturing also paper wrapping machines as well as supply flowpack and cartoners and integrate secondary packaging machines.



The new BRM V-T series of Binacchi Roll Mills is specifically designed to work with tobacco powder. This machine implements the latest technological advancement in the tobacco industry: tobacco powder recovery.

From oil treatment
to packaged soap
and detergents

Binacchi is the only supplier in the world where you can find directly from one single company everything is necessary for the production of soap or detergents with relevant packaging. A one-stop-shop with the unique Binacchi 50 years expertise and with lower overall costs

We sell solutions
not simply plants

The wide and long Binacchi practice in this sector permits to design plants and machines to make them perfectly suitable for your unique manufacturing needs

A solid family company
since 1969

A financially solid company with 50 years of operation without problems, frequent changes of share-holders with consequent change of strategy or focus. Always under the Binacchi family supervision and with long term objectives of high quality, solid and reliable machines / plants.

The specialist
of turn-key plants

Binacchi is one of the very few companies in the world with proven experience in the supply of complete soap or detergent factories from scratch to companies that have zero experience. From feasibility study to complete engineering documentation, up to the supply of raw materials specifications and product formulations, with Binacchi you are in good hands to enter in the easiest and fastest way into the soap and detergent world.


Quality has always been the Binacchi philosophy: only strong, robust and reliable machines. We are convinced that our customers need trustworthy machines they can rely on every moment and for long time in the future. One multi-national customer in USA said "The Binacchi machines are workhorses - just need to maintain every few years and they will run forever".

Technological innovation
"mind-crafted by Binacchi"

Being on the cutting edge of the technical know-how is a key factor for Binacchi. The majority of the most important innovations in the soap industry have been introduced by Binacchi. This is proven by Binacchi advanced skills in mechatronics but particularly by the huge number of patents. Approx 50% of the machines we sell have a patent.

and made in Italy

All the plants, machines and solutions are entirely designed in our company located near Milan, thanks to a staff of extremely specialized and skilled designers. Every machine is assembled in our workshop only by our expert and competent fitters.

is better

In this very simple words is concentrated the pure essence of Binacchi philosophy. The quality of equipment is higher than competitors' average. The technology is more advanced than competitors' average. The solutions are more personalized than competitors' average. The care and the attention we put in every single project are the best guarantee for you.

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